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Casa de Costa is pleased to announce our summer group show Girls! opening July 16, 2014 at 6PM. The exhibition features stunning photographic portraits of women and girls. We are especially thankful for the involvement of our esteemed contributors: David Armstrong, Rosario Arteaga, Tina Barney, Elinor Carucci, Susanna Corniani, Nan Goldin, Paul Jasmin, Christopher Makos, Mary Ellen Mark, Christine Osinski,

and Martin Parr.


“As a young gallery, it’s humbling to have such an extraordinary group of artists who trust us and are enthusiastic about this show,” said gallery founder Jason Costa. “Our hope is that people will walk away from this show with a sense of enthusiasm about female portraiture and photographic portraiture, in general. The gallery location is an incredibly intimate bonus. It’s like a fantasy cottage filled with incredible artwork.”


The exhibition runs through August 23rd.


Selected Press:

Musée Magazine




Paul Jasmin

Erika, Death Valley, CA


Archival Pigment Print

17 x 22 in.

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