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Too Many Sweets by Brian Whiteley

Casa de Costa is pleased to present Too Many Sweets by Brian Whiteley, live at SELECT Fair December 2 - 7, 2014.

"The work was formulated after numerous visits to Mexican bakeries in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. These bakeries tend to make extremely sugary cakes, ornamented with all sorts of extreme frosting and figurines. The concept is to see how many sweets and sugary soft drinks I can handle before I've had too many."

- Brian Whiteley

"Here they are, feeding this grotesque figure of entertainment, stuffing its mouth full of a sickly corn-syrup treat that is surely going to kill it, but they are giving it what it craves, making it gag on its own sickly desires. Not only are they doing this, they’re paying for the pleasure and they’re getting nothing in return. It costs them money and dignity and morality, and still, they can’t look away. They want to spend all their time with that sneering clown, even as it spits up half-chewed ice cream all over the industrial carpet of an impermanent structure somewhere on the beach in Miami."

- Brian Moylan, Vulture

"The Real Housewives of New York: Feed the Clown"


Selected Press:


Vulture, New York Magazine


Brian Whiteley

Too Many Sweets



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